The Begining :  
Bharosa started as a small Non-profit organization catering to health and sanitation needs of the poor. It managed to grow and earn credibility only through its ever-expanding social welfare activities which, by now, encompass a multitude of healthcare services and education.

The Society was formed with the vision of making quality healthcare, education and essential services accessible and available to the disadvantaged and underprivileged segments of the society by the founder doctors and professionals from other fields.
The members who now constitute the Governing Council of the Society initially started the developmental activities and services on a trial run for some time, the overwhelming response to which, made them realize the need of such an organization on a more prolonged basis.

The activities were institutionalized in Aya Nagar and the Society got registered. The activities have, since then, grown in number and strength, by now, touching multiple communities in many places.