Bharosa is engaged in Total Sanitation Program in Bhojpur district in Bihar. This initiative has been supported by PHED Ministry, Government of Bihar.

Under this program we are responsible to create awareness program and the construction of Toilet with strong public participation.

Sanitation/Water Awareness Campaign
Sanitation and water are very crucial aspects for society as a whole as for individuals too. There are numerous diseases that are caused due to unhygienic conditions like Malaria, Dengue, Typhoid, Hepatitis etc. The awareness campaign highlighted the need for sanitation and also taught them the methods regarding hygiene and sanitation like boiling of water, use of alums to kill bacteria and other germs. Water conservation and the practices to be adopted for the same also constituted the part of the learning. It also highlighted the need for personal hygiene like cutting of finger nails and hairs. Apart from these general hygiene habits, there are some more important and disease-based awareness drives that Bharosa has taken up in slums and other dingy areas with high possibility of epidemics.

The Society ventured in the field of sanitation and hygiene with special emphasis on awareness toward waste management for the communities. The experiences of key persons and Board Members from their expertise in the field of Medical and Hazardous waste management has played key role in this.

Mother & Child care: (Ongoing) Aya Nagar, New Delhi

Bharosa has been operating a Health Care Center at Aya Nagar, New Delhi for the last 7 years. This program has also been supported by Department of AYUSH, Ministry of Health, and Govt. of India .

Under this program, Bharosa is focused on up scaling the community based Health Care system with emphasis on Mother & Child care through Homoeopathy as a predominant therapeutic modality..