Mission Statement  
To make available equitable developmental opportunities and services to the underserved, which is technologically appropriate and environmentally adaptable with stress on quality, innovation and respect for human dignity.
Health, education and sanitation are social obligations in developed countries but a personal responsibility in developing countries. Governments, international agencies and policymakers have not succeeded to secure the same for its less privileged citizens in India.

Bharosa aims to provide to restore to the masses their right to healthy, educated and hygenic life and the attainment of complete physical as well mental health. It is a multifaceted issue and needs participation at all levels viz. different structures, processes and activities to enable the society to have acceptable and affordable levels of essential services to all its citizens.

Bharosa aims to improve health status of all by ensuring accessibility, equity, availability, affordability, quality, effectiveness and appropriateness of essential services, improve responsiveness to legitimate expectations, reduce inequalities in delivery system, enhance efficiency of services, augment fairness in the financing and delivery of essential services and, contain costs while optimizing the coverage.

These goals will encourage individual responsibility and community participation towards an enhanced quality of life, and further covet to work for generating adequate human and physical resources to achieve its task.
A Bird’s Eye View of Bharosa’s Activities
Bharosa, with its commitment to the Mission Statement, translated in the broader goals, aims and objects, has undertaken several long and short term programs. The programs range from the opening of a small one room part-time primary health centre to a full-fledged Health Care Centre with multiple doctors and facilities for the community, to education, sanitation & awareness campaigns and long-term programs. The Society runs 40 AIE (Alternative and Innovative Education) Centers with over 1000 children enrolled in Haryana, under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan.

It has also taken up several initiatives targeted at sanitation, hygiene and environmental sustainability. Through a number of seminars, workshops, training and advocacy programs, the Society has been successful in executing the development from above as well below. Here is more details on some of the more significant and lasting activities of Bharosa:-